We provide outsource service at reasonable cost in an quality comportment. We had started in 2010, providing payroll out source service to various regions and providing 20+ company’s with eight executive’s We are having excellent and experienced Executive’s for PAYROLL process and Compensation or managerial remuneration and strategic requirement

Attendance calculation Leave calculation – Earned leave, CL, SL, PL & ML
Leave Register
Attendance register – Muster Roll
Employee details maintaining
Salary bifurcation based on Minimum wages
Salary calculation based on attendance
Incentives (Short term & Long term) payment
Deduction calculation like PF, PT, ESI, etc
Bonus payment
Maintenance of Registers like Salary, minimum wage, bonus, PF, PT, etc
Salary slip

New way of pay

Usually company will undergo for Payroll processing, maintaining registers against changing patterns, organization are increasingly linking their variable pay plans to individuals, teams and organizational performance. The extent of linkage and the nature (short/long term) varies for different levels within the organization. Some of the variable pay plans ( VPPs) that organizations have successfully implemented include individual/team performance based gain profit sharing, productivity based business individual /team performance, based gained profit sharing, productivity based business incentives, stock options, and ownership and other customized schemes. Here we will play a vital role and facilitate for all Small Scale Industry, Large Scale Industry, etc
Budget analysis for the particular projects and smooth functions for all transactions