We provide you with the right service for your unique payroll needs. Get the latest in technology to work for you minus your investment. Benefit from our payroll experts who understand all the nuances of compensation structure and compliance obligation. Our Finance and Accounting services, is a structured and well managed service manned by Professionals, efficient processes, backed by technology, to provide you business value and keeps you clean from Regulatory concerns.
We let you focus on your core business and let us create value together!.
When you are in business, you are dealing with payroll processing but may not be sure if you are deriving maximum value from the function. To some it is just about delivering Payslip to employees and filing statutory returns and nothing more. But for some others it is a critical non-core process as it impacts their most important stakeholder (i.e., employees) and employee queries require to be serviced. For large or multi-location organizations, the coordination of various locations, incentive schemes, deductibles and compliance when information flows from multiple sources is complex for efficient integration. Another approach about payroll is about getting the best tax advantage and updating with frequent changing tax rules and LABOUR compliances. In addition, to catch up with the rest, you have a choice of doing it in-house versus outsourcing. Confidentiality makes it hard to make suitable choices, especially not being a revenue generator and tends to get left out, in the order of priorities.
We payroll team has been designed to enable you to work towards the right sourcing and optimum service solution in your payroll function. Our Power Pay is a complete service which is customized on our collaborative payroll platform. Our friendly and competent payroll domain experts work with robust measurable operating processes to serve you and your employees better. At one level, we enables you to outsource and at another level helps you remain in control, which is why our customers consider us a part of their own extended team and feel it is the right source.